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Hello, this is Dame Vera

What a good idea this website is and an opportunity for people to express their feelings and also problems, and to know someone is sharing these times with them. I know it helps enormously.                           

                     My best wishes to you all, Dame Vera 


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 "There is something you must always remember.You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Winnie the Pooh :)

                                   WELCOME to FORCES CHATTER       

This website is here to help everyone who is the mother of, married to, and all other extended family and friends of someone in the Forces. It is so you can create some sort of secure structure which protects you throughout. 

It is easy to navigate round by clicking on the required subject on the "purple choice bar" at the top and then click on the sub-sections or by clicking on the subject photos. 

This site is composed by myself Judith Bray and I am also the author of the self-help guide books "Washing Line to Frontline" for surviving life with a family member on a deployment. I am also co author with Shelley Kaplar for "The Battle at Home When Your Soldier's at War" 


The advice and chat contained within this website is all free.

I have put a chapter of my book in the "Help Me" section  of   I've Got Nobody To Talk To. subtitled Friends Don't Understand Me.I do know its a Godsend for you all so be sure to read it. 


Life today is tough for the families of our British servicemen and women. It seems as if they are either away, training to be away or returning from being away.

You will laugh, moan and cry. But you can make the most from all of the “positives” so they surpass some of the negatives. Happiness is infectious and so why not try and pass it on. Select and read the sections relating to your predicament, which can be many or very few and if you have anything you would like to share then pop into the chat room or forum and help someone else out.

Having an insight into how and why things happen, what to expect, how to do things and the emotional problems that envelop you is a large part of being able to cope. All of this is relevant whether you are family or a friend.


Here is a helping hand to get you through various situations that may or may not occur during your Forces life while your loved one is deployed. You hope the tour will run smoothly without any problems but we all know how unpredictable life can be. This is an online mix of advice from other parents, wives and girlfriends to help to strengthen the good things as well as supporting the downsides. (The photo is of my son and his children proving love and happiness reigns no matter what happens.)

 Some problems are more complex than others. You will adapt and manage and equally so do the children during this time apart. Believe in yourself. You will do it very well despite some hiccups along the way.


Keep smiling as there are extra indepth solutions in the "HELP ME" section. Often there are matters you would prefer not to discuss with others so i have tried to be very down to earth with quite a few things that may be relevant and hopefully will assist you.


From the start ALWAYS FIND OUT your UK telephone number for your  UNIT WELFARE OFFICER (UWO) of  the Regiment. You may need them for allsorts of advice and queries. Also ask them for the EMERGENCY CONTACT number too. A lot of you are unaware of them & they are a must. 


USE THE FORUM ... This is a place for you to use as a chatboard and post general messages in its Forces Chatter section and for specific posts in the other sections. Help each other out by putting a new topic or replying to others. We all need to both give and take ideas. In the posts you can also put photos so use it.  There is a counselling section with stressbusting relaxation exercises,diets to help you sleep. Lots more so go and find out. 


USE THE CHATROOM.... It is a place to have a live chinwag with each other. Dont be shy of it.  Ladies you will love it and it truly doesnt bite. A real "round the coffee table chat" You will make new pals as it is a friendly cosy room


JOIN IN THE MONTHLY "BOOST THE TROOPS CHALLENGES" set every second Wednesday of each month. The info is in the forum for each one.




"I am a devoted military mum who has launched this website (April 1st  2010) to offer support and comfort to families and friends of Servicemen and women on operational tours."

 Judith Bray                                                



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The Battle At Home When Your Soldier's At War

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