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Sending e-blueys are amazing. You are very likely to send loads of them. They are a type of electronic letter that can only be used for the Forces. 


Sending an e-bluey, (Electronic bluey) which is the real reason for this site, is a speedy way to send a special e-mail used for people at operational BFPO address and it stays totally confidential.


The military receives what you send and with the use of an integrated mail printer that prints it out in letterform and a machine seals it automatically so nobody can read it at any stage. It is taken to the soldier in letterform whether they are out in the field, aboard ship or on camp within 12 to 36 hours. Usually it can be just a matter of hours if you are extremely lucky.


It is such a popular way to keep in contact that you may end up using the site daily. Improvements to the system are being made all the time and updates can be found at the BFPO website.


If you wish you can also send a photo ebluey. This is the facility to have a photo printed upon it too. They are of very high quality so no doubt you will send that type from time to time. 



Sending an e-bluey – some FAQ’s 

THESE ARE MARY HARRISON'S STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. She has used ebluey countless times and is sure you will too. 


How does my relative/friend receive the e-bluey?

The e-bluey arrives at its destination almost as quickly as an e-mail. Once it’s been printed it’s taken to the post room where it’s put with other mail or parcels that are waiting to be picked up or delivered to the troops.


How long does my e-bluey take to get there?

This is a tricky question to which there is no definite answer. If there is an e-bluey machine where your loved one is based, and they are able to collect their mail immediately, it’s possible they may receive it within a few hours, although in reality they rarely receive them that quickly. Sometimes the mail delivery can seem a bit disorganized, especially if your relative is moving about as they work. They will all be forwarded to your friend or relative wherever they are based. However, it’s important to understand that the mail delivery has to take its place amongst other essentials needing to be delivered, sometimes under difficult circumstances. They may not arrive in the order you sent them, and some may get held up, possibly for days if your loved one is out on an operation. So keep sending your e-bluey’s even if you think there is a delay in receiving them. They will get there eventually and be enthusiastically received by the lads and lasses.


How do I send an e-bluey?

Before you can send your first e-bluey you will need to set up an account using your e-mail address. After that, it’s easy to log on and get sending!

Important – before you set up your e-bluey account

To complete the registration you will need to have found out the following pieces of information about your friend/relative.

·         BFPO number

·         Name and rank

·         Department or sub unit

·         Ship name or unit





Log on to E-Bluey Login, click on ‘New E-bluey Account’ and follow the ‘New Member: 7 steps’ to set up your own address book. Once you’ve done this all you need to do in future when you want to send an e-bluey is to log on to your address book, tick the address you need and click on ‘Compose e-bluey’. There is a link to Customer Service if you get stuck at any point. 

What is a photo-bluey?

If you wish, you can upload one digital photo from those stored on your computer onto each e-bluey by clicking on the red ‘Add photo to e-bluey’ link and following the instructions. The quality of the prints is good and generally fills the top half of the A4 e-bluey sheet. Apart from family photo’s it’s a great way to keep your loved one in touch with anything going on at home, any decorating you’ve done, places you’ve visited, things you’ve bought or just the changing seasons in the garden.


How often can I send e-blueys?

In theory you can send as many as you like, but depending where your loved one is based you should bear in mind that they may be received in batches at intervals, so if you were to send several a day for a week or two it could start to get a bit unmanageable! You can get round this by writing your thoughts and feelings throughout the day if this helps you, then copy and paste your letter into an e-bluey each evening so that you just send one a day.

The circumstances in which the lads and lasses are serving will vary. If you find that your e-bluey’s are being received promptly you might decide to write every day. If you realize they are only being delivered occasionally then you might decide to send them less often, on alternate days, for instance.


Can I receive e-bluey’s?

Some lads and lasses are better at keeping in touch than others! Having said that, with the best will in the world they may have limited access to a computer where they are based, and less than perfect Wi-Fi reception, apart from having to fit this in around a stressful job in hot and difficult conditions, not to mention time for eating, sleeping and relaxing. So try not to worry if it seems like a one-way conversation and focus on the pleasure you will be bringing when you send yours. If you are fortunate enough to be sent one, it will arrive with your ordinary mail and you might be surprised to see that it may only have been written a day or two before and beamed across the world electronically for printing and delivery. You could also receive a letter that has been hand written then scanned and faxed. Either way, it’s lovely feeling to find one on your doormat!


How much can I write?

Each A4 page you fill is printed and sealed separately. You can check how many pages you have filled before you send your e-bluey and if you wish you can change the size of the font to fill up the page, or squeeze it all onto one sheet rather than having a couple of lines (or a row of kisses!) running over into a separate letter.

On the final page, just before you click ‘Send E-Bluey’ you will see a line of information which includes the recipient’s name and address. Under the heading ‘Letters’ you will see the BFPO code in brackets. In front of this will be a number, usually 1 or 2 (unless you have written an extraordinary amount!) That number tells you how many sealed letters will be printed. You can go back and alter this if you wish, and also see a preview of how your letter will look.


How can I track my e-bluey?

After you’ve clicked on ‘Send E-Bluey’ your letter is on its way. When you registered you may have opted to receive an e-mail when your letter reaches each of the three stages it goes through, but you can track it when you log onto the e-bluey home page under the heading ‘Reports’. You will see the time that your letter was received at the BFPO server, downloaded and then printed. This can vary between a few minutes and a couple of days. A typical time to printing the will be 12-15 hours, but after that it has to be taken to the post room and delivered to your loved one wherever they may be, as explained before.


When I write an e-bluey it sometimes ‘times out’ before I’ve finished writing

You can get round this  by writing your letter on a word processor then copy and paste it in.



And finally............

With the best will in the world it’s unlikely that all your letters will arrive at their destination promptly and in the correct order! Try to be patient and not to let this bother you, they will get there in the end and bring a big smile to the lads and lasses when they see their mail arriving!