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I'm Drinking Too Much

Lets be honest, life in the Forces is quite a boozy one. There is always some kind of function on the calendar and most of it involves drinking. It’s the old work hard, play hard scenario. And why not…….


When you are on your own and lonely, it can be very easy to slip into a routine of drinking every night. Your day can feel more stressful, you don’t have anyone to talk to and they are not calling you enough …. usual stuff.


It’s a bit of a trap. It is a big temptation during this time alone to drink alcohol. It’s rarely the answer you need (although it may help at the time). Some people think that getting drunk will act as a cure-all. They expect every worry will shrink and be much better. It doesn’t though. It merely masks your problems for a couple of hours while you are drunk only for you to find that on the next day when you are sober, all your troubles appear to have multiplied dramatically.


It is difficult to define what is a “drinking problem” or “problem drinking”.


Most of us directly involved with the Forces would admit that we drink too much. The Armed Forces has always had a drinking culture and for most people, it won’t really cause any problems at home (aside for the health implications). Only you know if it is becoming a problem. If you want to talk to someone in confidence then try your Doctor or one of the many help lines available.


The NHS site offers tips for cutting down.


If you are very worried then check out the AA site – a look can’t hurt.